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Beck's is a family-owned business. The original building in Walnut Hills was purchased by Stan and Hilda Beck in 1959. Like many WWII vets, Stan was looking for a joint to call his own. After many years, and several renovations, Stan was ready to retire. Who better to take over than his son, who'd begun working for the business as a kid? So in 1981, the second generation, Stan and Carolyn Beck, took the reins. They made some big changes- adding the Paint and Decorating Center in 1986 and opening the Goshen location in 2007.


Today, Stan and Jestin manage the McMillan hardware store, Dave manages the McMillan paint store, and Matt (Stan's son) manages the Goshen store. Stan jokes he's retired, but that won't ever happen. We won't let him :).  


Beck's success wouldn't be possible without its great employees. From family (cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews) to good folks that feel like family, Beck's is proud of its customer service. That, combined with its quality products, competitive prices, and convenient locations, means every customer is treated like they're special- like Beck's appreciates their business. That's because we do.

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