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Stihl is one of our favorite product lines. It's made with quality engineering, has competitive pricing, and offers a wide selection that allows each customer to buy a product that's right for them. Stihl is only sold by dealers that can service it- at Beck's, we have some great employees that have spent years learning (and mastering!) the repair and service of Stihl equipment. Click the "Shop Now" button above to reserve a piece of Stihl equipment online and pick it up at your convenience!


Electric Blowers 

starting at $99.99

Lightweight and easy to use. Feature a built-in cord retainer to keep you connected. BGE 71 allows you to easily convert to a vacuum or gutter cleaner with optional kits


BG 56 C-E Handheld Blower 


Homeowner model. Has Easy2Start™ - which lets you start the engine with a long easy pull of the rope rather than a hard fast jerk, making starting virtually effortless.

Battery Blowers 

starting at $129.99


Homeowner to professional grade models available. Lightweight and easy to maneuver. Depending on model, battery and charger may be sold separately. 


SH 56 C-E Shredder Vac 



Comes with the parts to easily convert the shredder vac into a handheld blower. As it shreds, the clippings accumulate in a secure, easy-open zippered bag. Has Easy2Start™ technology.

BG 50 Handheld Blower 



Homeowner model. A proven handheld blower at an affordable price. Perfect for quickly cleaning up leaves and lawn clippings. 

BR 200 Backpack Blower 



Homeowner model. A lightweight, professional-caliber backpack blower for use around the home. A fuel-efficient engine and large fuel tank offer longer run time. 


BG 86 C-E Handheld Blower 



Professional grade. Has Easy2Start™ technolgy, a simplified starting system, and a semi-automatic choke lever that helps prevent flooding. Comes with both flat and round nozzles for better versatility.

BR 350 Backpack Blower 



Professional model. Powerful and fuel-efficient gas engine. One of our best backpack blowers for larger properties, ranches, and farms.


BR 600 Backpack Blower 



Professional grade. Produces the highest air volume and velocity of all Stihl backpack blowers, yet features a low-emission engine, making it a great choice in both urban and rural areas.


MS 170 Chainsaw 



Homeowner model. A lightweight chainsaw designed for woodcutting tasks around the home, like trimming small trees, or cutting fallen limbs after a storm.

MS 180 C-BE Chainsaw 



Homeowner model. With the Easy2Start™ system and Quick Chain Adjuster, this high-tech chainsaw is unbelievably easy to use.

Battery Chainsaws 

starting at $299.99


Lightweight and capable of long run times. Depending on model, battery and charger may need to be purchased separately.

Electric Chainsaws 

starting at $219.99


Durable corded electric chainsaws. Dependable cutting power for the home – light enough for agile cutting work and easy operation. No gas and thus no seasonal engine maintenance. 

MS 251 "Wood Boss" Chainsaw 



Homeowner model. A powerful and fuel-efficient chainsaw that’s comfortable to use. Perfect for felling small trees, pruning and thinning, and cutting firewood.

MS 250 Chainsaw 



Homeowner model. A chainsaw designed for firewood cutting – with a great power-to-weight ratio.

MS 251 C-BE Chainsaw 



Homeowner model. The STIHL MS 251 C-BE Chainsaw features all the comfort and ease of the MS 251, but is easy to start and adjust on the fly.

MS 291 Chainsaw 

Starting at $479.99


Farm and ranch model. A high-performance, fuel-efficient chainsaw. Great for felling, firewood cutting and storm cleanup.

MS 311 Chainsaw 

$509.99 (with 16" bar and chain)


Farm and ranch model. The MS 311 has a step up in horsepower and features over the MS 291. With improved engine technology, you get higher fuel economy for longer runs.

MS 391 Chainsaw 

Starting at $609.99


Farm and ranch model. Features newest technology that adds fuel efficiency. More powerful than the MS 311 (though they weigh the same), it's made for big jobs in the field.

MS 362 C-M Chainsaw 

Starting at $759.99


Professional grade. Great power, weight and fuel efficiency. Also features STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology which optimizes performance and compensates for changes in operating conditions, such as temperature or elevation. 


FSE 60 Electric Trimmer 



Homeowner model. Lightweight and exceptionally quiet. Ideal for small to moderate yards.

Battery Trimmers 

starting at $129.99 

Homeowner to professional models available. Depending on unit, battery may be built in or purchased separately.  

FS 38 Trimmer 



Homeowner model. Great entry level trimmer. Lightweight, high cutting speeds and 15" cutting width mean trimming tasks get done in a short amount of time.

FS 40 C-E Trimmer 


Homeowner model. Reliable, lightweight trimmer featuring Easy2Start™ technology, a low exhaust emission engine and curved shaft.

FS 56 RC-E Trimmer 




Homeowner model. A straight-shaft grass trimmer with a fuel-efficient engine and Stihl's Easy2Start™ technology.

FS 91 R Trimmer 



Professional grade. Loop handle. Features a straight shaft and versatile cutting head options (e.g., steel grass or brush blades).

FS 91 Trimmer 


Professional grade. Features a bike handle, simplified starting, and improved air filtration (ensuring a longer time!).

FS 131 Trimmer 



Professional grade. Bike-handle trimmer is powerful and fuel efficient, meaning fewer refuels throughout your workday. 

FS 240 Trimmer 



Professional grade. Ideal for challenging cutting locations, like in ditches or around ponds. Heavy duty-  perfect for cutting and clearing thick brush. 

FS 460 C-EM Brushcutter 



Professional brushcutter / clearing saw. Features a simplified starting procedure, an anti-vibration system and easy-adjust, soft-grip bike handles for optimal control and reduced fatigue. 

HL 94 Hedge Trimmer 



Professional grade. With a shaft length five feet, 24" blade, an adjustable cutting head, and 13 locking positions. Cutting head has a working range of 145º! 

HS 45 Hedge Trimmer 



Homeowner model. Lightweight and easy to use, ideal for trimming around the home.Available with an 18” double-sided reciprocating blade.



What is it? A versatile tool featuring a hardworking engine and universal power train that accepts a variety of interchangeable attachments (up to 14 of them!). Build your own collection for the functionality you need, tailored specifically to your property or job needs. Ideal for those with limited space, or folks who simply don’t want to hassle with storing, transporting and maintaining several power tool engines. 

KM 56 R-CE Motor 



Homeowner model. Low-emission and Easy2Start™ technology. Delivers power and fuel efficiency.

KM 91 R Motor 



Professional grade. Features a powerful, low-emission engine and 15% more engine power than the KM 56 RC-E.

KM 131 R Motor 



Professional grade. Most powerful KombiMotor. Features a low-emission engine.

HL-KM Hedge Trimmer



Adjustable hedge trimmer attachment lets you cut at different angles without the need for additional tools.

FS-KM Line Head Trimmer 



Uses the dependable AutoCut® head and delivers greater maneuverability around landscape obstacles.

FCS-KM Straight Lawn Edger



Delivers more power and depth control for greater precision.  Also features open guard design for smoother cutting and less clogging.

BG-KM Blower 



Lightweight blower delivers the power you need for quick debris removal. Air velocity ranges from 121-157 mph (depending on motor & nozzle).

HT KM Pole Pruner 



Makes quick work of pruning trees and shrubs. Features a side-access chain tensioner for easy chain adjustments. The oil tank cap features a retainer, so it stays put during refilling.

HL-KM 0 Straight Hedge Trimmer 



Provides greater cutting control so you can trim around obstacles with enhanced precision.

FBD-KM Bed Redefiner



Durable and efficient KombiSystem attachment for maintaining existing mulch and flower beds.

Servicing of Stihl

Chain Sharpening up to 16" 



A sharp blade saves effort and wear on your equipment, and keeps you safer when using it. A win-win.

Chain Sharpening 18" - 24" 



A sharp blade = less work for your equipment + more time for you to do fun stuff. (Although using Stihl equipment can be pretty fun!)


Prices vary


For winterizing equipment, tuning it up in the spring, or anytime in between. Our employees are great at making sure your Stihl products are in tip top shape. 


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