Over the years, we've tried many different paint brands. We've been with PPG for nearly two decades! We think they offer great products with affordable prices. In an effort to always try new things, we're now carrying Benjamin Moore Paint at our Goshen location. For more information, please call, shoot us an email, or stop by either location! And check out the below links for more helpful tools. 

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Click above picture to figure  out your color personality

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Ideal for professional painters. Quality, lower cost option. Excellent coverage and hiding power. Low-VOC, low-odor, and available in a variety of sheens. 




Excellent hiding power, durability, and washability (easy soap & water cleanup). Available in a variety of sheens. 

Pure Performance 


Zero-VOC*, low-odor. Ideal for schools, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, retail spaces, home residences, and more. Available in variety of sheens. 

Manor Hall


Replaced Silken Touch. Excellent durability and hide; outstanding scrubbability and washability. Smooth finish. Available in a variety of sheens. 

Multi Pro


Flat latex wall and ceiling paint, specially formulated for builders, painters and property managers for projects requiring excellent touch-up and hiding when applied by spray, brush and/or roll.



A super premium-quality, 100% acrylic interior coating, made using Benjamin Moore's Color Lock® Technology.​ Rich, thick paint provides a beautiful finish. Stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off. ​Zero VOC, low odor. ​

Aura Bath & Spa


A super premium-quality, 100% acrylic interior paint. Ideal for high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms and spas​. Mildew-resistant finish for a fresh look that lasts.​ Stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off. Paint and primer together. Zero-VOC, low-odor.



A premium-quality acrylic latex paint designed for easy application to a wide variety of interior surfaces. Formula allows you to smooth out brush marks and fix mistakes before they dry. Smooth, durable finish. Paint and primer together. Zero-VOC, low-odor.

Regal Select


A premium-quality, 100% acrylic paint and primer with excellent hide, spatter resistance, and seamless touch-ups. Easy to clean with less scrubbing.  Excellent hide and coverage for a uniform finish. Applies easily and smoothly. Paint and primer together. Mildew resistant coating. Zero VOC, low odor.



Specifically for ceilings. Ultra-flat finish formulated to hide common imperfections for a look that is virtually flawless.​Applies easily and resists spattering. Ample open time ensures minimal lapping. Zero-VOC, low-odor.

Interior / Exterior

Advantage 900


Top quality, acrylic enamel with water clean-up. Ideal for high traffic areas, such as kitchens,  interior and exterior trim, lawn and porch furniture, and doors. Semi-gloss and gloss.

Seal Grip


Stain-blocking interior/exterior primer. Can work on almost all interior and exterior surfaces. Fast drying, water-based, and tough on water, ink, or tannin stains.

Grand Entrance


Rich, lustrous finish. Excellent color retention and fade resistance. Easy, smooth application. For interior & exterior use. Lifetime limited warranty.




Acrylic. Provides the ultimate, longest-lasting protection based on a unique technology that offers a durable, one-coat film backed by a lifetime guarantee. Flat, satin, and semi-gloss sheens available. 

Acri-Shield Max


Acrylic. Replaces Acri-Shield. Paint and primer in one. Excellent adhesion and long-lasting durability backed by a lifetime warrany. Application down to 35°F. Good touch up. Flat, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens available.



A premium-quality, 100% acrylic paint designed for application to a wide variety of exterior surfaces such as wood, hardboard, vinyl and aluminum siding, unglazed brick, etc. Low temperature application down to 35°F. Great coverage and color retention. Excellent adhesion and resistance to cracking and peeling. Mildew-resistant. 25-year warranty (see label for details).


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