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Shopping at a paint & hardware store can be overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. So below we feature some of our favorite products- items we've used over and over again, along with our customers. Most of these products are available online. Click the red truck to shop!

Bully Mud Shovel



Stan loves this brand! American made,  grade 14-gauge steel shovel. 71 drain holes, in a USA pattern, and a reinforced fiberglass handle. Limited lifetime warranty.


Loctite Super Glue

Prices start at $5.49


The name says it all. A standby for good reason. But we have lots of different types of super glue- depending on your project and budget.

Gorilla Duct Tape

Prices start at $5.49


We like Gorilla Glue because the commercials are true- it's tough! And, of course it's based out of Cincy. Available up to 3" wide.


Prices start at $0.53


Not many people have rosettes nowadays, but we still do! In fact, they helped us win an award for Best Cincy Hardware Store (2000). 

Fertilome Lawn Food

Prices start at $19.99


These products are top-sellers because they work great and are cost-effective! Check out the product line and see for yourself why it's preferred by so many garden centers.


Quickset Locksets

Prices vary


We have a large variety of locksets, both commercial and residential. What we don't have, we can order!


Nuts & Bolts

Prices start at $.10


We've got everyday items like washers and bolts (all sizes), and even speciality items like a line of chrome fasteners. 

Cork Stoppers

Prices start at $0.20


Heck, yeah we have these! And rubber stoppers too.  


Prices start at $1.86


Of course we can make copies of your standard house keys. With today's technology, we can even make copies of most types of car keys.


O'Keeffe's Working Hands



We don't just sell this product, we use (lots) of it ourselves! One of the best hand creams we've found...and over the years, we've tried a bunch.


Denier Pipe Fittings

Prices vary


Slip-on pipe fittings made from a high-strength aluminum magnesium alloy. In other words, rust resistant! These fittings are ideal for outdoor railing. Another hometown business!

 Zip-It Flexible Drain Opener



Clear clogged and slow running sink, shower, and bathtub drains in seconds without chemicals! Warning: if you use this to clean a girl's bathroom, it will both fascinate and horrify you! (In a good way, of course.)


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